I’m an artist, photographer and curator, living between London and Zurich, working in photography and other digital mediums, moving image, installation and performance.

The analysed posthuman condition accompanied by today’s capitalist overconsumption; possibly leading to a human extinction; are the main issues surrounding my work. A rather dystopian estimation, at this time, based on studying the human perception, the ‘image’, the ‘apparatus’ and ultimately researching the (all too human) depicted/coded life. A condition, self-induced by logic, language and common imagery, that I try to rethink (or learn to ‘think’ to begin with; after Heidegger) and expand my/the viewers imagination.

I explore these approaches by using everyday objects and materials and/or available tools and programmes offered by todays technology and the internet. Usually I ‘sketch’ with my camera, capture what seems off and ‘random’, and incorporate these impacts in my subsequent art practice.

To get in contact: annikatrinelmer@icloud.com

Member and co-founder of the artist collective Now You Have Authority (NYHA).