Multiplication of Rhythm 2018

Multiplication of Rhythm in collaboration with Irène Wernli, Adam Skinner, Tyrone Isaac-Stuart, Clea Onori, Orhan Gül and Vishal Kumaraswamy at Alte Reithalle Aarau in May 2018.

With NYHA at Sluice Biennial 2017

NYHA at Sluice 2017
30.09.2017 - 03.10.2017

Morning Lane / Bohemia Place / Mare Street Hackney Central, London E8

Now You Have Authority is an Artists Collective questioning Photography’s role as a medium of representational expression. As Photography is, and has been an authoritative institution that refuses to evolve or refashion itself beyond its representational heritage, NYHA examines notions of failure and non-representation as a visual artefact in place of a binary approach to the creation of a piece of work. Our staunch refusal to be tagged as 'simply photographers' espouses this belief in which the viewer is left in a state of flux as opposed to finding an answer in our works.
At the Sluice Biennial, we will be showcasing a selection of works from our members along with a Public Participation Work- shop and a curated selection of Artists Film, Video and Moving Image Works.

01.10.2017 - 03.10.2017, all day
Post Student Art School
Aren’t we all Artists? Within the larger context of questioning the current state of Art Schools especially with universities being turned into corporations that make limited promises and deliver even less, this is a day-long activity focused on the aspect of 'play' in art. Open to Public Participation.

02.10.2017, 4.30 - 6pm
Resting gently in the gap between a coherent world and an ideal one, Lacunae is a screening programme of Artist Film, Video and Moving Image works. Drawn from artists we have worked with and continually engage with on multiple levels, the programme is a reflection of NYHA existing as a body without organs, a dis- membered torso crawling across the floor in search of 'higher artistic purpose'. Artists include Célia Hay, Julia Wolf, Lexi Sun, Yajing Hu, Niloofar Taatizadeh, Yixiao Shao, Samantha Harvey, Susanna Brunetti and Michael Cheung

Review by Chris Hayes


Multiplication of Rhythm

A 5 day residency in collaboration with Irène Wernli and NYHAcollective at the NINES in Peckham:

'United by their interest in ‘the body in space’ and a thirst for extended collaboration, visual artist Anni Katrin Elmer and dance artist Irène Wernli endeavour turning NINES into a playground and performance gallery to explore the meeting points of their and their collaborators' practises.

Inspired by patterns of rhythm and in response to Copeland Park’s environment and existing communities, they will deploy their creation process and build-up to a Performance Installation, creating danced sound-loops, mapped video projections and music-inspired drawings. 

With a focus on the interplay of Music, Movement and New Visual Media, the TAKEOVER will host a public movement and music jam, a discussion, non-verbal encounters and a participatory live music and drawing event, examining rhythm within the arts more widely. Featuring pop-up performances, the final exhibition will be open for several hours, allowing visitors to roam freely within the altered space. We also hope to find local and international mavericks and amateurs bantering and bonding over a cocktail (or coconut water) at NINES' bar.

Confirmed collaborators include Central St Martins visual arts collective NYHA, Adam Skinner, Tyrone Isaac-Stuart, Lynda Beckett, Lena Heubusch and Neale Willis.'


The Other #1

Where do I end and The Other start? Performance with Julia Wolf.

Images from an Installation in February 2017 by Benjamin Lansky.


How do you remember pain? Does does it faint? Or does it manifest within the body?

Three days in a row, changing plaster after a surgery.

There is not A moment.

When do we start, when do we end?

Make visible the in between and create a rhythm and a never-ending.
I took several series and started working with them. Placed one upon the other. Got rid of the frame.
The ambiguous element is an important part of my work. I am mostly interested in sensations that are between moments, or emotions. For example, when a game turns into a fight, when passion becomes violence or when logical reasoning becomes instinct. This thin line is the anchor of the following examples that I consider as a process and there is no final definite form.